Wonder – and abundance, love and creativity

I’ve been reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and it has me thinking – about wonder. The author talks about letting go of worry in order for abundance, love and creativity to come in. One idea from the book that really interests me is when we worry, what purpose does that worry serve, and what amazing idea is trying to get through? As an artist I love the idea of approaching life with an attitude of curiosity and wonder. I love to ponder questions such as – what would happen if I took a corner of this scene and Continue reading »

Your body hears what your mind says about it

  I’d always believed this at some level. However, it wasn’t until I was recovering from treatment for breast cancer that I really understood it at a deep level. I had been struggling with my scar. It wasn’t the tiny, beautiful scar I had imagined going in to surgery. I had some complications after surgery, plus radiation treatments. These contributed to a bit of a mess quite frankly. I was working very hard to heal and move my life forward in a new direction. But I was feeling blocked. And exhausted. And not like myself. I realized I was angry with Continue reading »

Tenacity, joy & abundance

There is this little grass-like plant that has been growing out of a tiny spot of moss near where the Halifax ferry docks. It has been growing and thriving here for months, through all kinds of weather. It keeps slowly growing. It makes me think of tenacity and opportunity, of making the best of a situation. I imagine it thriving and bringing a spark of joy to greet me each time I cross the harbour. “I’m still here and I’m thriving” it says. “I’m building my life from this little piece of moss.” A lot can be built from a Continue reading »

Sisterhood in the Making

What does being part of a community mean to you? Have you found your communities changing as time goes on? Has your sense of community changed? As life changes, so does our community. When my children were young our community revolved around them and their friends. Our friends were the parents of their friends. In our working life we get a sense of community from co-workers or fellow entrepreneurs. We also can experience community through our religious groups, our hobbies and neighbourhoods. So what happens when the children grow up and leave home, or our spouse dies, or we retire Continue reading »

Playing Full On

When is the last time you played like a child – carefree, full on, with abandon? The ability to play is something I have been thinking about lately. When I ask participants in my Hook a Healing Mat workshops what drew them to take the class, a common theme is the need to learn how to play again, to reconnect with a sense of joy which has been lost due to grief or responsibilities over the years. Here are some of their comments: “Awakening is how I would describe the Healing Mat Workshop. The workshop has re-awakened my creative and spiritual life. Continue reading »

I am enough

What does enough look or feel like? How does it feel to have enough? To be enough?   Do you find yourself needing to sit and relax, but keep thinking of one more thing to do?  Do you accomplish a goal only to race off to the next goal? Or do you take time to sit and appreciate each step in your process before taking another step? If some of this sounds familiar, I hear you. For many years I have had the habit of pushing, always doing just one more thing before I rest. Where does this habit come Continue reading »

How to Become a Heart Listener and Get More From Life

  I think we all have the capacity to know what is best for us and to listen to our own inner wisdom. I call this listening to our own inner wisdom heart listening. Many of us are out of practice. We spend a lot of our time overriding our hearts and letting our minds lead. We push our bodies beyond the point of exhaustion because this is what we think we should do. A Personal Account of Heart Listening The decision to leave my 20 year practice in the health professions was like that. I had invested years of Continue reading »

My #Truthteller story on WomenForOne.com

I’m very pleased to have my story featured on the Women for One Truthteller series.  Click on the link (highlighted) to leave comments on the Women for One website. One Loop at a Time: A Story of Rug Hooking, Healing, and Creativity  

Inspire, keep breathing

My word for 2017 is Inspire. I want to inspire women to take a step towards life – to love, to joy, to creativity through my work. Inspire is to breathe in, to take in all the good the world has to offer.  To keep breathing, taking breaths deep and slow and long. To concentrate on what I can do and keep moving forward. To be breathing is to be living.  I’m grateful, thanking my body for healing and for allowing me to live to keep creating and inspiring. To inspire, to keep looking and making time for inspiration. Each Continue reading »

Answering the Call

Hello – it’s your soul calling. I’ve arranged a special event for you. This event will remind you to check in with me, nourish me to see how I am doing. What is a wake up call? For some women it can be a serious illness such as breast cancer. For others it is a significant life event like the kids leaving home or a divorce or retiring from your profession. Losing a loved one can be a wake up call. Narrowly avoiding an accident on the highway can be a wake up call. What do all of these situations Continue reading »