Meryl WorkingThe Bowen Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue treatment that uses gentle moves on soft tissue to stimulate energy flow and empower the body’s own healing resources. Like homeopathy, the Bowen Technique stimulates the body to heal itself and to regain balance.

The Bowen Technique is safe to use on everyone – from newborns to seniors. It is effective for both recent and long-standing conditions. The treatments are usually done on a bed or massage table, but can be adapted to the patient sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

How can bowen help?

Bowen treatment brings:

  • rapid and lasting relief from pain and discomfort
  • reduced stress – physical, emotional and mental
  • improved joint mobility
  • improved circulation of lymphatic and venous fluids
  • improved elimination of toxins
  • empowering of the body’s own natural resources to heal itself
  • improved digestion and assimilation of nutrients

What happens in a session


A Bowen treatment consists of gentle, rolling movements done with the practitioner’s hands on specific points of the body.

The Bowen moves are light and can be done through clothing. They stimulate a systemic response so powerful that a pause is observed between each series of moves to allow your body to integrate this information.

A pattern of movements and pauses continues throughout the treatment. The rhythm is so soothing and relaxing that most patients fall asleep during the session. Benefits are usually apparent within two sessions, even when long-standing conditions are being treated.

With the Bowen Technique, 70% of patients’ conditions resolve in just 3 to 7 treatments. Many problems which are difficult to treat with other modalities respond well to the gentle, non-invasive approach of Bowen. Difficult to treat problems with which Meryl has had good success using the Bowen Technique include frozen shoulder, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and fibromyalgia.