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  • From the Inside Out Abstract Design Consultation


    Work one-on-one with Meryl to develop an abstract healing image. This image will represent the next step you need to take in moving your life forward, resolving an issue or some aspect of healing that is needed in your life. You can then take this image to incorporate into a piece of art such as a rug design or painting. Or you may want to keep it as a piece to meditate on and inspire you, or to use as you please.

  • Hook a Healing Mat 2 day Workshop in Vankleek Hill, Ontario


    A healing mat is a love letter to yourself. Through rug hooking and writing discover how to set positive healing goals and reconnect with your creativity and joy. Create a reminder to take it one step at a time, put your feet down, feel the fibres and take a breath before you start each day. Click on the workshop title to see more details.

  • One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity


    The first book from contemporary rug hooker Meryl Cook. This book documents the seven healing mats that Meryl designed and hooked as a way of processing her experience of healing. The book is filled with practical, powerful tips for readers to begin their own creative, healing journey.

  • One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook


    One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook will give you simple, practical tools to begin to move forward and engage your creativity through writing and sketching. The Creativity Workbook is filled with writing and sketching prompts, delicious, close up photos of my healing mats (including some new ones!) and the original sketches from my journal of each mat. Warning: it will inspire you and leave you wanting more! Put on the kettle and start your creative journey now.

  • Rhymes for Remedies


    A colour-illustrated guide to homeopathic remedies for children's complaints. Bright, bold, and engaging illustrations leap out of the page at you! Learn how poor old Humpty Dumpty needs his arnica...Wee Willie Winkie his arsenicum... or little Miss Muffet her aconite!

  • The Creativity Workbook Toolkit – Looking Inside for Answers


    Reinvention is a process, an ongoing, introspective and exploratory process.  This workshop will focus on using journaling (writing and/or sketching) as a process for moving your life forward.  This 4 week workshop is based on One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook, and is open to writers, artists and doodlers alike.