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From the Inside Out - Inspired Healing Image Consultation

Work one-on-one with Meryl in this customized, guided session to develop an inspired healing image that is unique to you.  Meryl brings her lifetime of work in the healing arts together with her experience as an artist and contemporary rug hooker to this unique service.  She will help you explore colour and artistic expression as a way of looking inside for answers and overcoming challenges.

Let your healing journey begin with a one on one interview where we deconstruct your specific obstacles.  You will sketch and we will work together to create an image that best represents your next steps in your self-care journey. In addition, you will receive a practical tool to tap into your own ability to unblock creativity.

This healing image image will represent the next step you need to take in moving your life forward, resolving an issue or some aspect of healing that is needed in your life. You can then take this image to incorporate into a piece of art such as a rug design or painting. Or you may want to keep it as a piece to meditate on and inspire you, or to use as you please.

This 45 minute session will be done via Skype.  All you need to do to prepare is to have a pencil and paper handy.

This session is a value of $350.00, but is available for the introductory price of $197.

Here are some comments from previous From the Inside Out Design Consults

“Recently I spent time consulting with Meryl Cook focusing on unlocking barriers in my own creative life. Even after a long career as an artist/designer Meryl’s special brand of guidance was very useful. Meryl’s considerable gifts as a healer, combined with her experience as a powerful re-emerging artist, made it possible for Meryl to walk me through a different way of seeing/feeling my way forward. I’m grateful for Meryl’s wisdom, creative spirit and inspiration.” E.M.

“ The challenge I was looking to overcome is my stressed/worried/irritated state of mind. I absolutely had NO reservations about doing the exercise with you.  I trust you and feel at ease with you. I enjoyed working through the exercise with you.  You had to clarify a few points for me but I had no problem asking and you quickly sorted me out. I thought it was very cool that over a very short, caring conversation you allowed me to see what would ultimately lead me to draw my very own Healing Mat.” C.I.

“The challenge I was looking to overcome was how do I get out of the box and let my imagination work? How do I let go of pleasing everyone and do some things for myself? Your call helped me start this process of thinking through, incorporating my experiences of the last years, and asking myself, as you directed….what if? How would that feel/look? Also, what is my new normal and purpose for each day?

I was initially nervous about saying the wrong thing, but you quickly put me at ease. I feel, once I am ready to do a healing mat, after a couple other projects already underway, I will be able to use your technique question….what if, etc., and really take my thoughts and express them positively in my Rug Hooking. I came away feeling very inspired and encouraged.” I.T.

Note:  Once you purchase this service you will receive a link to Meryl’s schedule to book your consultation time.


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