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One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity

Following a diagnosis of breast cancer, Meryl Cook reinvented herself.  She turned her wake up call into wellness through her rug hooking. With each stage of her recovery, she gained increased awareness of herself and through her rugs, discovered a unique design method, along with a new way of thinking, and a new way of being.  She discovered that creativity (her mediums of writing and rug hooking) could be a way of looking inside to discover next steps in life.

Meryl had been a homeopath and Bowen therapist for 20 years, but it wasn’t until she faced her own health crisis that she understood at a bone deep level what it truly takes to heal.  One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity follows Meryl’s journey as she wrote and hooked her way to reinventing herself.  The book is filled with practical tips that readers can use to begin their healing journey and look inside for answers.

Explaining the meaning behind each rug, Meryl takes you on her journey, showing how tapping into her creativity and Chakra colour theory led her to healing and finding her authentic self.

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Here’s what people are saying about One Loop at a Time:

“What Meryl lays out in this book is a powerful creative journey that anyone can take. The only gear required to take this journey is the courage to just. let. go. As Meryl describes, this transformative journey takes us deep into ourselves to understand who we are, what we were put on this earth to do, and what we need to release in order to heal not only our bodies, but our souls. … My own healing journey path was often lonely and bewildering. How I wish I had had this book as a guide.”

Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Mentor, www.eleanorbeaton.com September 2016