9 October 2015

Flu prevention, treatment and recovery update


Flu, or influenza is a viral illness that is more intense than a common cold, and can include fever, muscle aching, headache and fatigue.  Homeopathic remedies can help in flu prevention, to lessen the severity of a flu and aid in your recovery.  Homeopathic remedies are selected by looking at your particular symptoms and matching […]

10 June 2015

Is Motion Sickness Ruining Your Travel Fun?

Woman on the deck of the ferry from Norway to Denmark

  Do you dread getting in the car for long drives?  Do you avoid boat rides on the harbour because they leave you feeling nauseous and dizzy?  Does anti-nausea medication make you drowsy or have other side effects? Homeopathic remedies can be very effective for the treatment of motion sickness – without the side effects […]

12 April 2015

Gardening First Aid for Sick Plants

Hand holding plant seed

Do you love to garden? Are you interested in using as few chemicals as possible in your gardening? Homeopathic remedies are a safe, non-toxic and effective tool for the gardener. In his book Homeopathy for Farm and Garden Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj recommended a First Aid 4 pack of remedies to cover most problems encountered when […]

27 March 2015

Let me tell you the story of my new online shop


Welcome to my new on-line shop! I wanted to share with you my story of how this shop came to be, and tell you a little bit of the story behind the three main products lines I am carrying. I began carrying Miranda Castro’s Joints & Muscles topical homeopathic cream for my patients about 18 […]

23 April 2014

Working from home? Tips for staying healthy


  Some of my favourite clients are business owners who work from a home office.  In working with this population I see a number of common health concerns. Neck, shoulder/wrist repetitive strain injuries, low back pain These issues most commonly relate to work station set up in the home office.  One client kept coming back […]

16 January 2014

Creating your path to healing and wellness – Your recipe for well being in 2014


Most patients come to me with a specific health concern.  When this settles down they are motivated to keep their health and to begin to work preventatively.  I work with these patients to help them formulate a health care plan.  Here are my recommendations for a basic recipe for well being. Ingredients: Clean diet Eat […]

6 September 2013

Help your body tune-up for fall


Have you been feeling achy, tired and a bit grumpy lately?  Craving starchy foods?  Getting a few more headaches?  These are all signs that your body is trying to adapt to the change in seasons, from summer to fall. The change of seasons, particularly spring and fall are considered good times for cleansing the body. […]