24 April 2012

Homeopathy for runners

In any accident or injury, your first responsibility is to apply the proper first-aid measures and to get medical help if necessary. However, homeopathic treatment can complement the standard treatment measures and help to reduce pain and speed healing so that you can get back to training as soon as possible. Arnica is used first […]

1 March 2012

What do Bowen and Homeopathy have in common?

I knew I wanted to study homeopathy before I began to study Bowen. However, I needed to wait until my youngest child was in school so that I would have the large blocks of time required to study homeopathy. I wanted to find a hands on type of treatment that I could learn that would […]

22 February 2012

When should I see a homeopath?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. Homeopaths treat a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions, from ear infections to excema to auto-immune disorders to depression and anxiety. Homeopaths study basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathology and some nutrition), but then go on to study at least 2000 hours of homeopathy. While a person’s diagnosis […]

10 November 2011

Have you got the jet lag blues?


Recently a colleague asked me for suggestions for remedies that might help with her body’s responses to international travel. She experiences sleep disturbance, a weak feeling in her body and feelings of disorientation for several days upon arrival. She has tried one of the combination homeopathic remedies for jet lag, but found it did not […]

8 July 2011

Inspiration and aspiring to share my gifts

I was driving back from a workshop with Deanne Fitzpatrick yesterday, looking at the clouds and thinking about rug hooking. I spotted a cloud that was an unusual colour and when I got closer I realized it was a patch of blue sky! You know we’ve had a cloudy/rainy spring when it is difficult to […]

8 July 2011

Having difficulty sleeping? Try Homeopathy

Insomnia can have many causes and specific symptoms, but here are three possible remedies you can try at home to resolve a bout of insomnia. Of course, if insomnia is severe or prolonged, or recurs frequently it is time to consult a professional homeopath. Many cases of insomnia respond positively to homeopathic treatment. Kali Phos […]