8 July 2011

Inspiration and aspiring to share my gifts

I was driving back from a workshop with Deanne Fitzpatrick yesterday, looking at the clouds and thinking about rug hooking. I spotted a cloud that was an unusual colour and when I got closer I realized it was a patch of blue sky! You know we’ve had a cloudy/rainy spring when it is difficult to […]

8 July 2011

Having difficulty sleeping? Try Homeopathy

Insomnia can have many causes and specific symptoms, but here are three possible remedies you can try at home to resolve a bout of insomnia. Of course, if insomnia is severe or prolonged, or recurs frequently it is time to consult a professional homeopath. Many cases of insomnia respond positively to homeopathic treatment. Kali Phos […]

21 June 2011

Moving to a new location


As of July 01 I am moving to Queen Square Building, 45 Alderney Drive, Suite 610, Dartmouth. To book appointments, please call me at 902-431-4888 or email me at meryl@merylcook.ca. Please let me know the best times to reach you and your preferred appointment times and I will respond as soon as possible. I will […]

24 May 2011

Celebrating 15 years in practice!


I recently realized that this May marks my 15th year in practice. I began my practice with the Bowen Technique in May 1996 and then began taking homeopathy patients in May 2001. It amazes me to look back on the unfolding of my practice – from doing Bowen in my spare room 2 mornings a […]

2 May 2011

Homeopathic prescribing for Adventure Travellers


This book is an excellent resource for the adventure traveller.  It begins with the basics of homeopathic prescribing (dosages, potencies, where to purchase remedies).  There is a good discussion of immunization and prevention, helping the reader/traveler to weigh the risks of immunization against the prevalence and possible complications of various tropical diseases. I like that […]

18 April 2011

Bowen Home Instructions – The 3 W’s

A Bowen treatment consists of gentle, rolling movements done with the practitioner’s hands on specific points of the body. These moves are light and can be done through clothing. They stimulate a systemic response so powerful that a pause is observed between each series of moves to allow the body to integrate this information. A […]

11 April 2011

10 good reasons for using Homeopathy!

Happy Birthday to Samuel Hahnemann   Today marks the 156th year since Samuel Hahnemann was born.  To celebrate his birthday on April 10th, members of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths are spreading the word about 10 good reasons for using Homeopathy!     10 GOOD REASONS TO USE HOMEOPATHY. . .   1.  NATURAL ACTION Homeopathy works by […]

6 April 2011

The Little Bowen Book

I was so pleased when my colleague Louise Tremblay wrote and published this book.  I lend this book to patients who are wanting to learn more about the Bowen Technique.  I also give it to professionals such as family physicians who refer patients to me or who have patients that I am treating with the […]