22 January 2011

Breastfeeding support

Some mothers and babies take to breastfeeding with ease.  For most of us however, learning to breastfeed can have its bumps and roadblocks.  Homeopathic remedies can be a great help with common breastfeeding difficulties such as supply (too much or too little), mastitiis, sore nipples, and thrush.  (See my blog on Jan 8 for Miranda […]

13 January 2011

Homeopathic remedies for surgery

Homeopathic remedies have a lot to offer in helping your recovery from surgical procedures.  I recommend the following remedies to my patients who are undergoing surgery. Arnica 200C. Take one dose prior to surgery, as close to the actual surgery as possible (within a couple of hours is okay). Then take one dose as soon […]

8 January 2011

Great resource for pregnancy and beyond

Miranda Castro has written a lovely book for homeopathic support during pregnancy, labour and baby’s first year.  As with her first book, “The Complete Homeopathy Handbook“, this book is filled with lots of practical advice about these wonderful stages of life along with clear, easy to use instructions for selecting remedies and how to prescribe. […]

1 January 2011

A wonderful book for treating friends and family

My favorite book for treating acute illnesses with homeopathy is: The Complete Homeopathy Handbook A Guide to Everyday Health Care by Miranda Castro R.S.Hom . This lovely book covers “Safe and effective ways to treat fevers, coughs, colds and sore throats, childhood ailments, food poisoning, flu and a wide range of everyday complaints.” The book […]

10 April 2009

Remedy Me! documentary series

Remedy Me! “a new documentary series that follows those who suffer from odd or embarrassing illnesses as they explore the world of alternative medicine, made its debut Tuesday, April 7, 2009 on W Network. Tag along as these men and women – many dogged for years by ailments including irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, restless-leg syndrome and adult […]