17 March 2021

Celebrating my ‘Why’

hooked rug in Chakra colours, figure dancing, multicoloured hair

March marks four years since the birth of my Heart Notes newsletter! That’s approximately 96 issues and at least 90 new blog posts. My list began in 2017 with my loyal homeopathy and Bowen patients. As I transitioned from health care provider to artist, writer and facilitator, some moved on. Many stayed and continue to […]

3 March 2021

Take a closer look

Purple seaweed on sand

In my neighbourhood I’ve been observing an increasing number of people walking along the harbour path with binoculars and cameras with telephoto lenses. They tell me they’ve seen hawks, cardinals and a bald eagle, along with the usual assortment of chickadees, bluejays, sparrows, starlings and merganser ducks. These are our typical winter birds, so why […]

20 January 2021

Building community & connection in a virtual world

Screen shot of Meryl on Zoom with her hooked rugs in the background.

Are you tired of Zoom, of trying to connect over Zoom coffees or drinks? Are your team members feeling disconnected from each other and from the work culture? What makes a community thrive and what helps groups and individuals to feel a sense of connection? During this pandemic I’ve observed many groups and types of […]

14 December 2020

A glimmer of hope … and a warning

View of an ocean beach with a journal with writing in it in the foreground

Update 2021: We’ve now been in the pandemic almost two years. Vaccination rates are rising, restrictions in some areas are lifting, and there is the threat of the Delta variant worldwide. I was that university student who made it through the term and exams only to fall sick all through the holidays. Sound familiar? For […]