13 January 2017

Inspire, keep breathing

My word for 2017 is Inspire. I want to inspire women to take a step towards life – to love, to joy, to creativity through my work. Inspire is to breathe in, to take in all the good the world has to offer.  To keep breathing, taking breaths deep and slow and long. To concentrate […]

8 November 2016

Answering the Call

Hello – it’s your soul calling. I’ve arranged a special event for you. This event will remind you to check in with me, nourish me to see how I am doing. What is a wake up call? For some women it can be a serious illness such as breast cancer. For others it is a […]

7 July 2016

From Homeopath to Rug Hooker

In 2011 I was celebrating the launching of my new website design and blog.  Now in 2016 I am celebrating many things.  I am celebrating my recovery from breast cancer and all of the joy and new opportunities this brings.  I am  excited to announce that I am launching the next phase of my career […]

13 April 2016

Why I chose Miranda Castro Healing Creams for my shop


I began carrying Miranda Castro’s Joints & Muscles healing cream for my patients in 2013. I had tried other topical homeopathic creams in my practice but was never satisfied. Either they weren’t very effective, or the base (non-medicinal) ingredients contained products that I have learned can be harmful and/or the homeopathic remedies they contained didn’t make sense […]