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19 July 2021

Let’s get out in front of this

Corporate group working on vision wall hanging from team building workshop

– and be the company that has a thriving and productive workforce. What do you anticipate will be your biggest challenge in getting people back to the office post-pandemic? As discussed in this previous post, people who have been through a period of prolonged stress often fall ill after the pressure is off. As we […]

7 July 2021

You want me to do what?

Author and facilitator Meryl Cook reads from her book, with two photos next to her of participants in her hands-on workshop

Challenges in transitioning post-pandemic As a business owner or corporate leader, what is going to be your biggest challenge in getting people back to the office post-pandemic? I heard today about an international corporation who sent out notices saying everyone would be back in the office by September 8. Period. No discussion. How do you […]

22 June 2021

Reopening – Business as usual or something else?

Client team building results, hand-hooked wallhanging, individual hooked pieces mounted on wooden blocks and a framed vision statement and description of the process

In many parts of the world communities are gradually reopening as we emerge from the Covid pandemic. In reopening there is an easing of restrictions. Some people are going to restaurants, seeing friends and family they haven’t seen for some time. Maybe they are returning back to work at an office. There are mixed reactions […]

7 June 2021

Wonderment & curiosity, bringing it forward

View of an ocean beach with a journal with writing in it in the foreground

When my eldest son Keegan was two we lived in a double wide trailer in Yellowknife, NWT. One of my happiest memories from that time was our winter morning ritual. Every morning at the same time, a group of ptarmigan would visit the willow branches just outside our kitchen window. Keegan and I would sit […]

19 May 2021

Hitting re-set

White mug with a heart and sole design on a wooden deck table. Stash t-bag on the handle of the mug. Blue pen to the side.

4 tips for hitting pause and re-set It’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling. Whether that’s overwhelmed, uncertain, restless, burnt-out or all of the above. We are all tired of the pandemic. It has been going on far longer than we anticipated, and some days … If you find yourself going down the rabbit […]