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17 March 2021

Celebrating my ‘Why’

hooked rug in Chakra colours, figure dancing, multicoloured hair

March marks four years since the birth of my Heart Notes newsletter! That’s approximately 96 issues and at least 90 new blog posts. My list began in 2017 with my loyal homeopathy and Bowen patients. As I transitioned from health care provider to artist, writer and facilitator, some moved on. Many stayed and continue to […]

20 January 2021

Building community & connection in a virtual world

Screen shot of Meryl on Zoom with her hooked rugs in the background.

Are you tired of Zoom, of trying to connect over Zoom coffees or drinks? Are your team members feeling disconnected from each other and from the work culture? What makes a community thrive and what helps groups and individuals to feel a sense of connection? During this pandemic I’ve observed many groups and types of […]

30 September 2020

Dancing in the Wind – 6 Tips for staying grounded in turbulent times

Last weekend I spent hours cutting up tiny, beautiful, red crabapples from the farmer’s market and hot peppers from my garden so that I could make crabapple-hot pepper jelly. As I’m new to canning, it took several attempts to get all of the jars to seal (thanks Elizabeth Peirce of the book You Can Too! […]