Articles on Resilience in stressful times

19 May 2021

Hitting re-set

White mug with a heart and sole design on a wooden deck table. Stash t-bag on the handle of the mug. Blue pen to the side.

4 tips for hitting pause and re-set It’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling. Whether that’s overwhelmed, uncertain, restless, burnt-out or all of the above. We are all tired of the pandemic. It has been going on far longer than we anticipated, and some days … If you find yourself going down the rabbit […]

7 November 2017

Leaning into Joy

How do you find joy when the going is not easy? Why is it important to lean into joy, especially during difficult times? Recently I’ve had the opportunity to practice looking for joy when the world feels heavy. My first introduction to the idea of embracing moments of joy, even when times are tough was from […]