I began carrying Miranda Castro’s Joints & Muscles healing cream for my patients in 2013. I had tried other topical homeopathic creams in my practice but was never satisfied. Either they weren’t very effective, or the base (non-medicinal) ingredients contained products that I have learned can be harmful and/or the homeopathic remedies they contained didn’t make sense to me as a homeopath.

Going way beyond any simple arnica cream, Miranda Castro’s Healing Cream for Muscles and Joints is a clean, paraben-free cream. It is enhanced with the finest herbal and homeopathic remedies that target muscle or joint pains caused by inflammation or injury.

This cream isn’t sticky or greasy. It is smooth, light and easily absorbed and it has a lovely, gentle smell. The vacuum pump keeps the contents fresh for years, and it is transparent so you can always see how much you have left.


The Castro Joints & Muscles cream was a hit with my patients. They were getting great relief from their symptoms, the ingredients were healthy and the active (medicinal) ingredients were brilliant!

Miranda suggested I try her topical homeopathic cream for Scars, and again I was impressed with the quality of the product and the results my patients were getting.  Patients with new scars following surgery were finding the pain/sensitivity of the scars responded very quickly and then the scars became less red, smoother and less noticeable. The patients with old scars found their scars became less lumpy and discoloured in a short period of time.  Some patients with old acne scars noticed improvements over time as well. scarsbothSM

So, I worked up my courage and asked Miranda if she would consider allowing me to have the Canadian distribution rights for her products in Canada – and she agreed! Well, that was the easy part. For over a year I worked to have the Joints & Muscles Cream and the Scars Cream registered with the Health Canada Natural Health Products Registry. I also needed to obtain a site licence to import and distribute the creams across Canada.

In March 2015 I began importing and distributing the Castro Joints & Muscles Cream and the Castro Scars cream through my online shop and to retail locations and clinics across Canada.  My customers and I are happy with the quality and effectiveness of these creams.