There is a wonderful thing happening in the world of homeopathy. Recently people have been posting videos on YouTube and speaking about how homeopathy has worked for them. I have shared several on my FaceBook page Meryl Cook Homeopathy & Bowen. If you would like to see more, just google Homeopathy Works for Me and Youtube. It is very exciting to see videos made by homeopathy patients all over the world and in many languages.

If any of you have a story about how homeopathy has worked for you, please post it on YouTube. The following are the guidelines for this grassroots project. Be sure to let me know if you post a video!

“Homeopathy Works for Me” Project

• Launch Date: Sunday, March 20th, 2011
• Project runs from March 1-March 31, 2011
• Begin Sharing the Document as of March 1, 2011

Dear Friend,

As part of the global homeopathic community, you are invited to take part in a special project, one that we hope can take the message of homeopathy to the whole world:

• If your life has been changed by homeopathy, if you have undergone a healing, or if a loved one has been healed through the use of homeopathic remedies, then we ask that you take a few minutes and make a digital video on the subject and post it to the internet. It is our hope that literally millions of people around the world will take part by putting their own letter in a bottle and setting it adrift in the ocean of the internet, with the hope that it washes up onto many a foreign soil. We ask that people of all nations take part, speaking their own languages, telling their own stories.

• If you are a professional homeopath or medical professional, we ask that you assist us by spreading the word about the project to your clients, and by copying this list of guidelines for them to follow. For this project, we want to stress the stories of people whose lives have been changed—the patients—and not the practitioners who make their living through providing treatment or teaching homeopathy. However, if you have yourself undergone a dramatic healing through homeopathy, you could make a video speaking to that.

To get the job done, we have to all work together and follow the same simple set of rules:

1. Each video must start the same way, with the person speaking introducing themselves by name and then saying “And homeopathy works for me.” Then they can take a few seconds to a few minutes to tell a specific story of why they say that homeopathy works for them. Then they close the video by repeating their name and “homeopathy works for me.” Stories should be told as truthfully, meaningfully and openly as possible. And, should you not want to give your full name on the Internet, just giving your first name is fine. Do what feels comfortable for you.
2. Note: One video has already been posted. While it is early, it acts as a pattern that the rest can follow. It is a clean, simple video by a mother whose child was helped. If you want to see this video, follow the link here:

When you create your own video, you need not mention specific remedies, only that homeopathy worked. In my own case, it worked when nothing else I tried would. So I will stress that in my own video. But you must tell your own story as clearly and movingly as possible. Note that stories about children or pets are great, especially if you can show the child or the dog or cat. Also, stories can be about chronic or acute ailments. Stories can be funny or sad, but don’t be afraid of a little emotion. But there is no wrong way to do it. All stories are welcome.
3. The video should be posted to YouTube on Sunday, March 20th, 2011 at noon in your part of the world, or as close to noon as possible.
If you do not know how to post to YouTube, it is quite simple. Here is a link that will take you to a video that tells you how:

4. It’s important to know that, if you are a member of YouTube already, you need only sign in to upload your video. If you are not a member, you will have to create an account. That is simply done. Just go to YouTube (Google it if you need to) and then click on the Account button at the top right of the page.
5. Also very important, there are three steps you need to follow in uploading a video:

• 1st , you will need to give the video a title. EVERYONE should title their video “Homeopathy Works for Me,” followed by their name or another form of defining the video (“a case of psoriasis cured,” for example).

• 2nd , after you enter the title you will be asked for a description. You may describe your video any way you want to, but make sure to start out with “Homeopathy Works for Me.” Your description might include whether the condition was acute or chronic and what the disease diagnosis of the condition was, for example, or any other information you want to give on the contents of the video.

• 3rd , you will be asked to enter TAGS. Now, tags are ways in which YouTube can sort videos so that people can find what they are looking for. So be sure to enter the words “Homeopathy,” “Homeopathic Remedies,” “Homeopathic Treatments,” and “Homeopathic Medicines” to you list of tags. You may also want to add such things as “holistic” and “healing.” You can never have too many tags, as the more tags you use the more often your video will be called up. And while it seems that using just the word “homeopathy” should work, all variations will help get your video seen.

6. On March 20th, as the videos are being posted, we move into the next phase of the project. And that is that those in the global homeopathic community who have blogs, web sites, Twitter accounts or who belong to Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social site or who are part of homeopathic forums must all begin to post links to various videos. It does not matter which ones you choose. Go to YouTube and enter “Homeopathy Works for Me” in the subject line and do a search. Watch some videos and post about them. Give specific links. Write about it in blogs. Discuss them on forums. Email your list of contacts. REMEMBER, we are attempting to make it look as spontaneous and joyful as possible. So NO GLOATING and NO BAITING the Skeptics.
7. The will only work if we keep it all a SECRET before March 20th and then make as big a noise about it as we can from the 20th onward for the next week or so. So please no more early videos. Keep them on your computer desktop until March 20th. Then launch and announce. Hopefully, as the news of the videos gets out, more and more will be made and we will attract the attention of different forms of media throughout the world. That is the whole point, to bring attention to homeopathy and to bring it in such a way that the focus is on the many millions of people whose lives have been changed for the better by homeopathy. Our goal in doing this is not to enter into debate or argument, either inside the global homeopathic community or with those who are actively working against homeopathy. So stay positive, both in your videos and in your comments and discussions following the posting of the videos. Remember the topic: “Homeopathy Works for Me.”
8. Finally, the whole purpose of this is to show that millions of individual voices will create one very loud voice. If we are to show the world that homeopathy matters to us, we have to first circulate this document across the whole world, keeping it safe and secret as we see to it that every person who loves homeopathy is invited to be part. And then we have to all actually make and post videos and not simply stand back and think it is a nice idea. Finally, we have to make as much noise as possible once the videos are posted and tell the world how much we care about homeopathy.

That’s the project. As the technology is available to pretty much all of us, and as a YouTube video can literally reach the whole world, it seems that a great deal of impact for a modicum of effort is really quite possible. Secrecy is important, as it cooperation. Aside from that, it is just a matter of getting to work.