Thanks to everyone who has commented on my website and blog. Nothing like launching a website and getting loads of emails and comments to make a person feel appreciated and loved!

I have received several suggestions for future blog posts, including:

” You should also talk about how there is often not a lot of need for a lot of sessions, then people can understand that although your initial is a good cost (SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GREAT AMOUNT!), they don’t have to do a tonne of weekly follow-ups at that cost.
I would also blog about how you can help people through spiritual and emotional blocks. It is so powerful for that (homeopathy), and no one seems to know this at all. Maybe how you can work with other therapies if need be (i.e counselling).”

“I wish you had put the picture of your coastal girls rug on your website, as I love that one so much.”

So, here is my Coastal girls rug which I completed this past fall. It was designed by Deanne Fitzpatrick.

Please keep your suggestions coming for future blog posts. There is one more week left in my blog suggestion contest to win a tube of Traumeel gel and the book Get Well Soon – A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid.