I knew I wanted to study homeopathy before I began to study Bowen. However, I needed to wait until my youngest child was in school so that I would have the large blocks of time required to study homeopathy. I wanted to find a hands on type of treatment that I could learn that would complement my future homeopathic practice.

Bowen has been called the homeopathy of body work. That is because it uses only a small stimulation over specific points to set up a healing response within the body. Homeopathic remedies are made from substances that are diluted and shaken many times, leaving only the energy of the original substance. It is thought that the remedy gives the body a small impetus that sets up a healing response.

In homeopathy remedies are repeated when the action of the remedy has stopped or slowed down. We do not give a remedy when a person’s symptoms are still improving. A Bowen treatment consists of short series of moves followed by a pause to let the body integrate the work. If there is a reaction (such as heat) we wait for the reaction to slow down or complete before moving on to the next series of moves.

The concept of Less is More applies to both homeopathy and Bowen, in that the aim is to give a gentle stimulation to the body which allows the healing to begin but does not cause an aggravation of symptoms. This is why sometimes a Bowen therapist will stop after only a short time, because the patient’s body has indicated the treatment is enough for that day. In homeopathy, we try to match the energy of the patient to the potency of the remedy so that the remedy provides a gentle stimulation to the body to begin healing.

Bowen and homeopathy both treat the whole body, and improvements can be noted on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Changes after a Bowen treatment can be observed for up to 5 days after the treatment. This is why it is recommended that no other body work or treatment be done for at least 7 days after and 5 days before a Bowen treatment. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the healing initiated by homeopathic remedies can continue for some time. Homeopathic medicines will work through or in spite of many conventional medicines, which makes them safe to use with all patients.

As a Homeopath who also does Bowen I can help to choose which therapy suits my patients best. I usually do not begin both Homeopathy and Bowen at the same time, except in acute injuries where a well prescribed homeopathic remedy can help to speed up the healing. If I have a patient who is doing well on a homeopathic remedy and an acute complaint arises I can use a Bowen treatment to relieve the symptoms without interfering with the homeopathic remedy healing. As a practitioner I love being able to do the intense, thoughtful work of homeopathy along with the hands-on, moving around of Bowen.

Note: This blog post has also been published in the March 2012 edition of SNAP Dartmouth.