What does it mean to be a Wild Woman? Perhaps you’ve seen the Wild Woman Sisterhood posts on Facebook. More often than not, I am drawn to click and share their posts about women and freedom and friendship.

Here are some thoughts I have about what it means to be a Wild Woman, and why it matters to me.

Being a Wild Woman is feeling free to express yourself, to have fun. It means being true to yourself. There is also an element of nature and wildness, like being moved by the earth’s rhythms. When I am feeling like a Wild Woman I feel taller, more powerful, unstoppable.

A Wild Woman feels free – to be part of the sisterhood, to be herself, to dance, to move freely and to say what is in her heart. A Wild Woman knows what she needs and gives herself permission to go for it, to accept it. She is wild from a place of inner joy, but also from inner anger and righteousness.

In the past couple of years I’ve designed and hooked a few of a series I call Wild Woman. There is Wild Woman Sisterhood. The phrases around this mat are “Claiming her power. Being fed by the earth & giving back to the earth. The earth is totally bountiful. Proud, Powerful, Rooted, Joyous. Sharing her gifts with the world.”

Wild Woman Sisterhood Detail

Wild Woman Sisterhood Detail – designed & hooked by Meryl Cook

I’ve also designed and hooked Wild Woman Dancing. Her phrases include “bringing energy to her cells & joy to her heart, dancing to move to the rhythm … moving freely”.

Wild Woman Dancing Detail, Designed & hooked by Meryl Cook

Wild Woman Dancing detail, designed & hooked by Meryl Cook

Recently I designed the third in this series, Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose. This mat is a playful look at remaining flexible. The phrases on the linen around the design are “Graceful, easy swaying. Joyful. Bending, not breaking. Strong, rooted. Chakra colours.”

Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose detail, designed by Meryl Cook

My Wild Woman mats are a departure from my healing mats in that they are not abstract in design. Each Wild Woman mat incorporates all of the seven Chakra colours. Having all seven colours feels like the woman in the mat is in alignment with her body and soul. She has clear, flowing, energy.

These mats are playful. I find them heart lifting to design and hook, so will choose to do them when I need a little bit more lightness in my life.

Note: Since the original version of this article was published, I have finished Wild Woman In Willow Tree Pose, and Wild Woman Driving Across Country. I’m currently working on a new Wild Woman that will be released in fall 2019.

Wild Woman Driving Across Country – To Find Kindred Spirits, Feeling Free as a Bird, Laying her Burdens Down. Hooked & designed by Meryl Cook

What kind of a Wild Woman do you aspire to be?

Chakra Colour detail of body of Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose, designed & hooked by Meryl Cook

Chakra Colour detail of body of Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose, designed & hooked by Meryl Cook