Workshops/Team Building/Engagement

Meryl Cook, artist, author, speaker and facilitator specializes in connecting people with their creativity to improve engagement and well-being. In this time of social distancing, Meryl is available to work with you and your team virtually.

Author and facilitator Meryl Cook reads from her book, with two photos next to her of participants in her hands-on workshop

Her innovative, hands-on leadership development and team building workshops result in increased employee engagement and productivity. Meryl works with your team to design and create a vision, and to meet your team building objectives. Recent corporate clients have accomplished a more cohesive team environment, plus a vision of the focus of the group’s efforts. Others have created a vision of their ideal team environment. Each project is fully customizable.

Journaling with The Creativity Workbook

All workshops include journaling techniques and tips for unblocking creativity. Whether your teams need to reduce stress, feel more connected, or to foster innovation and greater productivity, Meryl would be pleased to design a program that meets your needs.

In this time of social distancing, Meryl is available to join your ongoing virtual staff meetings to present a series of short journaling sessions for stress and anxiety, getting unblocked and regaining a sense of balance. 

Recent corporate clients include: Nova Scotia Department of Environment Water Group (7 Steps to Creative Team Building); Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services (One Loop at a Time – Speaking to Yourself – with Love lunch & learn); Daley Progress (Journaling to Reignite Your Business Creativity); Armbrae Academy Youth Mental Health Conference (Journaling as a Life Skill).

Comments from clients and workshop participants:

“Thank you again for the team building workshop on Wednesday. It was fun and I am looking forward to working on the group vision rug piece.”

“Our team recently worked with Meryl in the development and delivery of what turned out to be a truly unique team building event that will having a lasting impact. In our search for an interesting session, we were looking for someone that would challenge our team to think outside of the box, bring us more together, and at the same time speak to our engineering and scientific minds. In our search for an external consultant our planning team was initially hesitant as we were uncertain how our engineers and scientists would respond to the hands on and creative approach proposed for us.

During the workshop I observed how engaged everyone became and how well Meryl brought out the creativity in all of us who attended. Finally, Meryl married that creativity with teambuilding through the development of a team design that we are now building as a follow up activity. In engineering terms, a design-build project that utilized our collective creativity. Brilliant. Team members have provided glowing comments since our workshop and I think we most certainly accomplished our goal of bringing the team closer together and we will have a lasting product from our team building project to remind us. Meryl was easy to work with, flexible and I would highly recommend her as a superb team building consultant to work with in any setting or work place.”
Paul Currie, Manager, Water and Industrial Facilities Unit
Nova Scotia Environment

“In our workshop with Meryl Cook, we learned hooking as a way of unleashing our creative expression, we articulated our team identity and vision, and we built team cohesion through creating an inspirational rug that celebrates our group identity and aspirations. I feel so proud of my team, how they leaned into the exercises and got the most out of this unique experience with Meryl. We are all so proud of the artful products of our work, and love to share the meaning of our piece with others. This workshop was just what we needed to celebrate our wonderful team, to get to know each other in a more intimate way, build trust and pride among us, and see how we all care deeply about improving our department and the protection of the environment and human health through the programs we lead. I see the impact of this workshop day to day in the affection, respect and collaboration our team shows eachother – it was truly energizing!”                       Elizabeth C. Kennedy, Director of Industrial Management, Water & Wastewater, Nova Scotia Environment.

“Lovely creativity and mental health workshop today, at work. “One Loop at a Time – Speaking to Yourself – with Love”. Was very nice to spend an hour thinking about self-care, guided by Meryl’s passion and warmth for all our hearts. Highly recommend.”  Lorraine Glendenning, A/ Executive Director, Strategy and Corporate Services, Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services

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